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Not in stock, back on: 15. 6 lbs 1. I then set up my Mountain Topper and SOTABEAMS dipole and work 11 stations… 8 of which were 5,000+ miles away! This will show you that a tiny, battery-powered radio can produce excellent results and allow you to have a ton of fun. How to Grow Roses From Cuttings Fast and Easy | Rooting Rose Cuttings with a 2 Liter Soda Bottle - Duration: 28:23. I had it up on a summit a couple of weeks ago in Shenandoah NP with super gusty winds and it stayed upright. Of course, the answer to this question really depends on what you have selected as your radio type. They've got a ton of stuff on that website that is ideal for static mobile operation. There were several options that were easy to find, but didn’t quite fully fit what I had in mind — most notably from SOTABeams. incl. 6 Aug 2018 This was also a run with the new 'Compact heavy-duty 7 m mast from SOTABeams'. Never miss the big savings. In addition, specific models mentioned in the MFJ Transceivers forum Like MFJ and more are here for future reference. On the side, there is a descriptive plaque. From the village green head down Spout Lane towards the Pan Tod Beacon to a small parking area adjacent to the line of large boulders SO 634169. uk. Little 5 watt transceiver. The WSPRlite is a specialized test beacon that uses WSPR technology to transmit to a worldwide network of receiving stations. Working with a specialist composites manufacturer, SOTABEAMS has designed a unique heavy-duty fibreglass mast. New Equipment – QRPGuys Portable Tri-Band Vertical Antenna. com. Quite pleased with both mast and antenna. My EFHW stopped to tune last time! The dipole is also ideal in the place where I don’t have enough room for 41m wire. In the end we only had 61 in the log, (one of those being SOTAbeams "The Portable Radio Specialists". Sotabeams. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. Over the years, telescopic fiberglass poles have become popular as portable supports for lightweight antennas. It comes with an adapter to use a car pump instead of the stirrup pump. There’s a few articles out there if you pull up a A Newbie's Guide to Setup ESP8266 With Arduino Mega 2560 or Uno: For any open source products to be successful or adoption en masse by the "makers"/ "DIY-ers" / "dev" / "etc"; an up-to-date and accurate documentation or quick start guide has to be provided. SOTAbeams – Unit 1 The Green, SK10 1JN Macclesfield – rated 5 based on 30 reviews "It is fair to say that I am highly impressed and pleased with the Sotabeams travel mast travelmast sotabeams models to print yeggi bravo charlie radio sotabeams review sotabeams wsprlite hf wspr transmitter enclosure for three band Posts about SOTAbeams Travel Mast written by rjbono. The Sotabeams 10m travel mast that I use with a 20m or 30m GP and a 4m fishing pole which I use with an EFHW. I also packed the screw-in base, that had worked so well at Berndorfer Buchet, and Rentschen (although I found a great “natural” mast support as it turned out). David Ziegler G4NSJ amateur radio Ray QTH Worthing West Sussex UK Locator IO 90 TT I’m active on two metres, also monitor GB3WO 70cms repeater in Worthing, West Sussex. You can read it here EFHW-8010 QST review. The New England QSO Party event was being held that weekend and I worked 6 stations in a fairly short time. 40-30m roach pole vertical antenna - g3rwf MMANA-GAL models for the 40m & 30 m antenna configurations for comparison of :- Impedance ref 50 Ω, Elevation Angle where max radiation is produced and Far Field. For verticaly polarised beams you will have to end support them or use a PTFE stub mast. Fiberglass fishing pole 7 m – I need to buy another one. You will appreciate this comment when you view the photographs. How do I activate a POTA reference? I was thrilled to watch Mark deploy his SOTABeams dipole in what I thought was a novel and almost guy-less way and then to boot get on 80m and nab locals up and down the UK. sotabeams. View the the following list of coupons and click to get the code. pdf. uk/amateur-radio/ TenTec #255 - September 4, 2019 GCN: Key Clicks - 15th Anniversary coming up in October and last call for N3A operators, updated SprintLogger ready for download, review participation points, 2020 sprint schedule online, zero points clarification, articles needed, pg 1-2. We aim to encourage, support and facilitate all radio amateurs to take their hobby to new places. I’ve been wanting to try a different aerial for 20m for some time. 5m fishing pole mast – I used this on some summits to get the SOTABeams MFD a little higher and clear of rocky ground – often I could just clamp this between my legs, while lodged in my rucksack – doing away with the need for guying; Apple iPad for logging, using the RumLogNG app Equipment to be used would be the FT-817ND plus amplifier for 40m and the SOTABeams linked dipole that I modified a few weeks ago for 60m. SOTAbeams Travel Mast combines high-reach antenna masts and portability. Only at eHam. I pound in the stake in the ground to anchor the mast. co. This versatower has much more impact on the view from neigbours gardens so I didn't want to take the risk. Many questions . End-fed half-wave antenna supported by SOTABeams pole. I’ve bought a few odds and sods from Richard, G3CWI at Sotabeams in the past. And it's not like it's a tiny thing, either. Practice makes perfect. This was my SOTABeams Linked dipole and my Yaesu FT817. I currently either use a dipole in the loft, or a temporary SOTAbeams linked dipole on a 7m fibreglass mast. 6 lbs 2. I got the KX2 just a few days ago so I'm still getting used to locating the buttons and menu items but so far t seems like once you know where something is, it's pretty intuitive. The magnetic loop antenna appeals because it’s compact, and if designed/built for efficiency, gives excellent performance. READ MORE Find great deals at SOTABEAMS for Compact heavy-duty 7 m (23 ft) mast. The Copper Cactus J pole antenna design is a simple amateur radio antenna model that will allow you to operate both bands I have a SOTA beam which weighs virtually nothing, the mast which is a 7m fibreglass fishing pole, the battery I use, a 12v 7ah SLAB. News, DX, new equipment etc The Bittern DX Group turned up at Trunch playing field on the morning of Sunday 11th June 2017 all set to give their best in the Practical Wireless 144Mhz QRP contest. Mike Kincaid 584,257 views The Tactical 7000hds heavy-duty antenna mast from SOTABEAMS Details https://www. This antenna set up is common with the SOTA activators: EFHW supported by some kind of lightweight pole. uk discount codes in September, including 4 SOTABEAMS discount codes and 5 Deals. The kit consists of two specially selected suction clamps, a plumb line, hook and loop tape and a 22mm adapter. This replaces the Moonraker vertical which was previously on the right hand pole. This will be great as now will not be harassed when hiking through dense bush (still not returning to Hells Gate !) Bit heaver but figure I just need to get fitter. – 10m travel pole (SOTABeams), I have long Velcro straps attached to wrap around fence posts. COM. ie Emotator 747, 750, The Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club. . Supporting the mast with three short guys, or strapping the mast to a shorter tree when available, allowed me to set up the antenna in the sloper position. The loop was put up on a small mast on my 3rd floor patio and all was set up as required. Being that the antenna is pretty much at the same height, and oriented about the same as my OCF was, I’m not expecting a big boost in performance, but I The modification is the addition of 17 meters. Actually the mast I had to support my multiband coppertape vertical needs a permit as well. It is a According to SOTABEAMS, the "Midi-Hopper" is a full-sized antenna that covers 60 meters, 40 meters, and 20 meters. 95 from Ham Radio. The 10m Travel Mast is the great choice for a vacation DX-pedition. It started last September and ends next month, and it runs from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. 2. The Buddipole or (Buddistick) in a vertical orientation is simply a quarter-wave ground plane antenna. This list is as notified to us from the bookings received. I use the EFHW as two of my guys and the piece of string as the third. The antenna is ideal for use with a 6m fiber-glass or carbon-fiber mast. some coax. The Tactical 7000hds has been designed for portable operators who need a more rugged and reliable mast than the normal fibreglass telescopic poles that are available. I’m in the process of adding an HF antenna for future work but with so much choice, I haven’t settled on any given type yet. SOTAbeams also offer the compact Palm morse keys, desk stands for various QRP radios and Antenna Tuners. Shop HF and VHF Portable Antennas and Accessories for Amateur Radio/Ham Radio with confidence. 7 ft 32. Aluminium Adaptor Plate designed for the heavy duty MC-1219 mast clamp. This again was another drive on summit. I’m inspired and have already received my first SOTABeams dipole antenna. It seemed like the sidetone of my HB1B devolved into lots of clicks and very little tone after a while. Set up the tripod and mast with only bottom two sections telescoped out. It is an incredible mast that collapses to 26. net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). 500 MHz using the formula 468/f(MHz)=L(ft). LAMCO Barnsley 01226 361700 Ham Radio Shop Amateur Radio Dealer Supplier Marine Radio Aviation Air Band Transceivers Two Way Radio CB Radio M1KTA's QRP ham radio blog Other than a trip which might get the odd mention I will detail projects I am working on, what I want to be working on and what I have otherwise to report on. Most of our products are Comparison Table for SOTABeams Fiberglass Telescopic Masts Model & Link Characteristic Tactical 7000hds SBM-TAC7000HDS Tactical Mini SBM-TACMINI Travel Mast SBM-TRAVELMAST Mini Mast SBM-MINI-POLES Extended Length 22. The wire was cut to my chosen frequency of 3. The mast and antenna probably come in under two pounds combined, so they probably don't offer much wind load. I realize I’m going to have to compromise a bit. Take your time and stay safe. Radioamatør utstyr for SotaBeams - ICOM ContestConsole SotaBeams - Mast bardunerings Tråd, fester  28 Feb 2016 Steve WGØAT suggested I use the SOTABEAMS 30-foot mast to support the EFHW antennas. SOTAbeams has overcome this problem with the introduction of their suction clamp kit. The modern common Windom antenna is not an original single-wire fed Windom, but rather an off-center-fed or The stowed mast is 59Cms long. SuperAntenna The telescoping fiberglass mast was extended to its full length (33-ft/10. See photograph. ML&S Martin Lynch & Sons Ltd. Buy Portable/Handheld Ham Radio Transceivers and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items It works really well, but I do have the official Elecraft PX3 Panadapter on pre-order :) I mainly run the station with 50w RF output using the Hardrock-50 linear amplifier that I built in late 2013, paired with the LDG Z-11 Pro II Automatic ATU, but if necessary I have the capability to run the UK legal limit of 400w using a Linear Amp UK The latest Tweets from Chris (@kk4tss). Switching unit for ICOM transceivers Radio Interfaces online at £69. As a compromise, a Diamond x30 has appeared on the top of that mast. SotaBeam products online from ML&S Martin Lynch & Sons Posts about SOTABeams written by n2htt. http://kiwisdr. By the way, these are old pictures from the mast. This is an extremely lightweight antenna that comes with RG-174 feedline. With all the latest Amateur Radio and Technical News Sparky\'s World of Amateur Radio. 9 ft 19. Sotabeams Mast. I have been QRT since 1994 and re-discovered this wonderful hobby in 2011. Cut the outerside of the Coax Cable from the Cable like shown on the Picture. Tags SOTABeams telescopic mast support rings. 7. I like to have these items stored ( minus the mast ) at the top of my pack so they are is a 10 meter Mini Travel Mast (available from dxwire. Connect pipe to mast and connect two or three 5m radials to the solder lug on the aluminium bracket. Many amateur radio mapping services, implement interactive maps with easy textual navigation and search capabilities. The packed length can be reduced to 58. The connections were sealed up with liquid electrical tape from SOTABeams and the box lid was fitted. The feeder is a 10m (33ft) length of RG174 preterminated in a BNC plug. My preferred antenna is a SOTABeams link dipole that is supported by a 22-foot fiberglass mast. I dearly love this mast, it is exactly what the others say it is. . Also included is a hollow stub mast and securing bolt to lock the stub to the SCAM mast. I mainly operate remotely when I find the time using TeamViewer and my SDR. Attach two 22 inch antenna arms to a long whip antenna fully extended. Rascal III digibox. The Tactical 7000hds compact heavy-duty telescopic mast with bag mast will need at least three guys at two heights. Posts about sotabeams written by vk3yy. ! Find great deals on SOTABEAMS for Compact light-weight 10 m (32 ft) mast. 5 . Click to find the best Results for sotabeams Models for your 3D Printer. You'll find it listed here. 7 lbs Towers, poles and roof tripods are often used for multi-element "beams" or verticals as well. SotaBeam products online from ML&S  At a recent RAYNET meeting the subject of Telescopic masts was mentioned. Today the internet offers several useful resources for amateur radio geography. The mast consists of 17 sections and weighs just 1300g (2. Shop HF and VHF Portable Antennas and Accessories for Amateur Radio/Ham  Find great deals at SOTABEAMS for ultra-compact portable masts. Not easy but after some welding, grinding and breaking several drills I finally got it right. uk/kites-faq $\endgroup balloon-hoisted vertical antenna to a mast of some sort, so The manual warns against sitting it on a surface that is likely to collect water, as this can be drawn up through the drainage holes in the casing. It’s the height of summer, and we are enjoying a week’s vacation at the alt-QTH in New York’s beautiful Southern Tier. Please QSL via LOTW hrdlog. Find great deals on SOTABEAMS for Compact light-weight 10 m ft) mast. SOTAbeams makes telecommunications products tailored specifically to the Ham Radio community, including the popular WSPRlite Propagation and Antenna Tester. Kenwood. One person can raise the masts described above. Being my first QRP backpacking attempt 9 "sotabeams" 3D Models. Add to wishlist Wishlist. SOTAbeams SB5 - 5Y: SOTA summit The Cloud G/SP-015 : AR: Hard going this evening with high winds so ran contest with mast at 4m AGL but still seem have done out I was right to be worried as although the mast and aerial were still standing, the gazebo had blown over. Based in the UK, SOTAbeams is operated by Richard Newstead, G3CWI. GB3BR Brighton has just come back on the air so I’ll be monitoring. Club Members' News Page. I have long been a fan of end-fed half-wave (EFHW) antennas, and have a couple made up on 40 meters – with a small tuner these wires can be used on multiple bands. Welcome to the new PackTenna web site. 4 in 20 in Weight 3. com/) and SOTABeams  I have the Sotabeam 40-30-20m linked dipole which works very well, but takes a coax feeders and the rotator cable through the cable duct to the mast base. • The QSO Today Podcast, like some of my other activities, was born out of my desire after my 56th birthday to live my life out “on the edge”, to take risks to do something that others have not done, to preserve the stories of some of the amazing Hams who contributed so much to our noble hobby. 2 million world-wide callsigns and 9 million archive callsigns, their 4, 7 and 8-Band OCF Dipole antennas and accessories, and many other unique items such as Great Circle Maps, Name Badges and their HCLog logging program. My first contact (20 meters) with the Mountain Topper, at 2. http://www. This material is overkill for this application, but this method of mounting is sturdy enough to be used on tubular Moxons up to 20 meters or more (by scaling the mounts and tubing upward). The mast, beam and radio took around 25 - 30 minutes to assemble and get operational. HB9CV portable Yagi for 2m portable with FDK Multi-750x SSB rig. 07931056102 Assembly was straightforward. Hi Folks, My New Year's Resolution for 2017 is reviving the old hobby ham radio (My last QSO was 2m/UHF 10 years ago). To contact me use richard@sotabeams. The ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast is a fortnightly audio podcast, covering the latest news, views, events and reviews from the Amateur / Ham Radio hobby. All of this is a preamble, because the real story here is all about TOP BAND, 160m. My final antenna system consisted of a 28 metre centre fed dipole (14metre for each leg) suspended at the centre and supported with my existing 6 metre tall galvanised steel pipe mast fed with 18 metres of 450ohm ladder line via my Z-Match AMU. to a massive 33 ft. I also carry a single guy in case there are no fence posts to strap the mast to. The monument is a pile of rocks with a metal rod sticking out the top. I'd like to get started doing portable HF work and I'd like some information on antenna possibilities. This in spite of only getting in from the previous night’s gig in Milton Keynes at 7am, and later spending New Year’s Day afternoon at the football (Macclesfield 1, Tranmere 1). Stuff like a super cheap End Fed Half Wave tuner for my MT5B that took about 30 minutes to make, a SB270 dual band 2m and 70cm yagi which is my favoured UKAC antenna and things like antenna winders. The mast is over 40 years old and so I guess there is some wear. The SOTABEAMS Mast Rating System (SBMRS) uses the length and the weight of the mast to calculate a strength figure for a mast. I plan to run this in an inverted V arrangement. Monday, September 26, 2016 - It has been a week since returning from an outstanding annual camping vacation in the Adirondack Mountains. •Masts cannot be raised above 10 feet if the wind speed (either gust or sustained) exceeds 10 MPH (as determined by the Safety Team). Rather than waste time setting it up again I took the executive decision to dismantle it. Aluminium Telescopic Mast 14. Therefore I went straight onto 40m CW and did exactly that. A true decision-making factor for me was the fact that it fits into the airline carry-on! SOTAbeams - Unit 1 The Green, SK10 1JN Macclesfield - Rated 5 based on 30 Reviews "It is fair to say that I am highly impressed and pleased with the The SOTAbeams pole is designed to telescope to a much shorter length than the Spiderbeam pole, so it uses many more sections of progressively decreasing diameters. Above is a view of the steel mast with the Inverted V G5RV rigged from the top of the 11m mast using a halyard though a purchase on a small gibbet to offset the antenna and feed line from the mast. In this video, I get a chance to talk a little philosophy while driving to a local park. ICOM. We manufacture many styles of antennas including: Yagi, Base Stations, Dipoles, Mobile Antennas, Portable Antennas, Covert Antennas. Attach the Versatee horizontally to the top of the mast. The x30 is a fairly modest antenna which works as a half wave on the 2 metre band. PackTennas are light weight, compact, portable HF antenna systems ideal for operating on the trail, at the campsite, on Field Day, SOTA activation, air travel, or HOA restricted locations. Sort the list by Here is the finished boom to mast mount. Shop HF and VHF Portable Antennas and Accessories for Amateur  HD Fiber Glass Mast 7m. I had hoped he might be willing to try a few 10m SSB, or 2m FM QSO's but he preferred to leave the operating to me. There are 9 valid sotabeams. Connect your antenna to your coax, raise the mast, tune for SWR by chopping out short lengths of wire until the SWR is low at the desired centre frequency. uk/Amateur_Radio_Ham. So, after seeing a local ham and friend using this antenna at a portable event, I decided on the Sotabeams 3 band linked dipole (20, 30, 40 meters) and the 10M telescoping mast. Even if there was a 10dB loss (chewing up 90% of your transmit power) you probably wouldn't notice it on receive if tuning across a normally noisy band like 3. the rain that evening became torrential, so I was unable to get the aerial up! The other shows the aerial up at The Capital Guesthouse, Gaborone. Mounting Plates The driven element, reflector and boom to mast plates are fashioned from structural aluminum channel. net. This is surprising given the SB6 Beam is essentially a 2 element Moxon, while the Tonna 220505 is a 5 element monster Yagi and much I set up my SOTABEAMS dipole and used my YouKits HB1B Mk III to make some contacts. Get the best deal for Portable Antenna In Ham & Amateur Radio Antennas from the largest online selection at eBay. sotabeams travel mast combines high-reach antenna masts and portability. More information. Biography. All about Amateur (HAM) Radio. No original manuals but does have the Nifty manual. Building on over a decade of experience making and marketing portable beams, the SB6 is our take on this tricky requirement. The Sotabeams Laserbeam-Vari - Variable Bandwidth Filter Yippee! I've been waiting a while for this little gem to show up, and now it is here. 7M Tactical mast. A2Z's Experts grant quick access to the most diverse range of intelligent mobile surveillance and sensor technology. uk/content/SB270%20Instructions. +MORE Justin Johnson, G0KSC, tells his ham radio story and how it led to the founding of his company, Innovantenna, and his approach to antenna designs, that maximize signal to noise rather than gain to produce amazing results. For more information on this new antenna, please contact SOTABEAMS at the URL listed at the top of the article. The Sotabeams Laserbeam Vari is a variable bandwidth filter that is designed to give you control over your receive audio bandwidth and center frequency. The base diameter is 48mm and the tip diameter is 4mm. While I was making contacts, Ryan was relaxing. That might not initially be obvious. Twice Winner of the RSGB Region 3 'Club of the Year' Trophy for 2013 & 2014. Keep your antenna in the air with our lightweight telescopic poles. I shook it loose and it popped back vertical instantly. The concrete base has hardened enough to cover it with soil, it will need some grass seed to make it blend back into the garden. 5K likes. jackite. The instructions and specifications are found here SOTAbeams Travel Mast TRAVELMAST - dxengineering. If you use JTalert with JT65/JT9 it can automatically upload your completed contact to hrdlog. 96-foot telescoping mast. 5 MHz. You can see that that's a good chunk of the day. Whether you want to deploy an old army radio in your backyard or get a better TV signal in a rural area, the aluminum masts in this collection might be the exact solutions that you need. * An integrated sequenced voltage to control external mast-mounted preamplifiers is provided. It turned out to be a great portable wire antenna support - very lightweight, rigid, and decent height for its size/weight. Here’s a simple, inexpensive drive-on mast support that I have been using for more than ten years now. As I planned that, it occurred to me that I could modify my original SOTAbeams three band link inverted vee by adding another insulator at the 11 foot point in the existing 20 meter leg. If you take a mast (whether for 2M or HF), how will you support it – is there a small tree you can bungy strap the mast to or will you need guy ropes and pegs? If you will activate on HF, are there two trees at about the right distance apart so that you throw up some ropes for each end of a dipole and not need to take a mast with you? Spearheaded by a group of dedicated Hams from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canadian National Parks On The Air (CNPOTA) is a new program (modeled after ARRL’s defunct National Parks on the Air) that gives amateurs plenty of opportunities to operate from Canada’s national parks and historic sites, while encouraging chasers around the world to contact locations in the Great White North. Note that you should not cut too wide in the Wire. There is plenty of room at the hinged part of the mast which gives some possebilities. That is the first Part on our way to the Linked Dipole.   With a pack I figured it best to follow the “What Radio should I use for SOTA” posting with one about antennas. 9 lbs) The color is grey and we also supply a cloth bag. The biggest and best ham radio classifieds on the web! Buy, sell, trade HF and VHF equipment, towers, antennas, rotators and more! SOTAbeams (22) Tecadi Telonic Instruments Ltd Total Mast Solutions (outside) TX Factor (28) Waters & Stanton (2) Weath erquest (19) Yaesu UK Ltd 07Am ateu rR di oOp s B r i tsh Ralw yAm eu d oS DX TheUKF ou ndati GB3SYR e pat rou I n t er ai o lsh w v gu Li ec st r S Li nc ol R e pat rG u LSWCB oks(26) The Tactical Mini Compact Telescopic Mast. The aerial was a 132ft doublet (fed with 450 ohm balanced feeder). Find great deals at SOTABEAMS for Compact heavy-duty 7 m (23 ft) mast. Drill a hole through the plastic pipe around 8-10mm, enough to push the second-to-top section of the SOTABEAMS mast a reasonable way through it. This time I brought the MTR 3 band EFHW from LNR as I was using the K1 for this activation. Worked All Britain Awards Group tiene 662 miembros. Here's my take on the SOTAbeams Tactical Mini telescoping fiberglass mast. Attach the antenna to an insulated mast at a comfortable working height of between five to six feet above ground in a clear environment. Here, you'll find links for high quality MFJ Transceivers covering hf-vhf-uhf. I'm loving it! It's perfect for me, since I've got nasty interference at home and my Icom 740 wasn't exactly portable. RF Connection is proud to sponsor Ham Community and its members – keeping it free of advertising clutter – right up to the end of November 2019. SKU. Here's a handy portable mast comparison table from SOTABEAMS. I Beam Material Grade. My favorite is the EFHW. Three sections had telescoped back in near the base so after pulling them back out I am back in business. I've used two such masts with good results. It’s been particularly handy for quick trips to the field, such as National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) activations. , Wessex House, Drake Avenue, Staines (Nr Heathrow), Middlesex, TW18 2AP, Tel: +44 (0)1932 567 333. My wife Barbara - AE7AQ and myself activate primarily in the Helena area, but we also include activations into backpacking and road trips. To summarize from Mid December 2019 to the end of February 2020: Popular antennas are homebrew wire on a self supporting mast, Wolf River Coils, Alpha Antennas, SotaBeams, Screwdrivers and many more. PackTenna makes ultralight, portable HF amateur radio antenna systems and accessories. £750 or near offer, preferred buyer collects but delivery can be arranged at extra cost. Should fit in a carry-on airline bag. Most Comet mobile antennas over 29″ length have a fold-over hinge built into the base section of the antenna. 2 cm by removing the top and bottom caps – useful in some airline carry-on bags. QST magazine has published an independent review of the EFHW-8010 multiband antenna in March 2016 issue. The fishing pole supports simply aren’t up to surviving under those conditions. I choose to correct the tower at the base. You could say I was saving it for a rainy day! The mast extends to 10m and collapses down to only 67cm so will fit inside luggage. As is typical for coastal islands, winds can get severe. 18330. A new antenna to fill a niche that is currently empty. Connect the Low Band coil. net can automatically QSL via LOTW and eQSL for you, therefore you only need to upload your log once. I carried the mast and an angle iron stake in a gun sling across my back. There is lots here for the QRP portable operator including HF wire antennas, portable VHF beams and telescoping masts. – 3 band EFHW (using SOTABeams PicoTraps) wound on a kite-line winder with 50cm of RG58. My antenna of choice was the SOTABeams Band Hopper link dipole for 40/30/20 meters supported in the middle by the Tactical 7000. 5m HD (47ft) transportation length 200cm - weight 18kg Serious mast for permanent installation of Heavy Duty Spiderbeam Yagi!: $ 639,00 (Tennessee residents must add Sales Tax ) Mast (1313g/46 oz) - This is a 10 meter Mini Travel Mast (available from dxwire. Cheap SDR dongle. The top few sections are pretty delicate. Personal Name Rob Build your own, build a kit (QRPGuys), or pre-built (Packtenna, SOTABeams) SOTABeams is a good source for antenna wire. This article continues on from Workup of G5RV inverted V using high strength aluminium MIG wire and describes the implementation. Under Reinforced Concrete Beam Failure. Regrettably it 's been quite a while since Ron sent me this antenna till I was able to eventually put it to use - but yesterday saw me out on edge of the golf links here in St Andrews, only a few metres from where the Open Championship was held a couple of weeks ago, working portable connected to a new car battery for radio power. They also come up short (sic) for summits, another type of location known for high winds. However, with the chance of rain I opted for the W3EDP since there are no traps to worry about if it were to rain. I also made use of bags on the rear bike rack and a backpack. It is designed as a highly portable wire antenna, easily set up as an inverted V, horizontal, sloper, or in the case of higher frequencies, a vertical […] So as long as the band's were open I had people waiting for me. com/public shows 442 receivers online on Backup for KiwiSDRs listed on sdr. SOTA Beams Travel Mast Radios, Ham Radio Antenna, Qrp, Beams, Travel Destinations. It's very much stronger and more rigid than a carp pole. Drill a 16mm hole in the aluminium bracket for the SO239 socket and then attach it to the pipe using machine screws. An informal roundtable discussion of cool new ham products that Santa could bring this year! Radio related items for sale. All bands are popular for SOTA, but 20m, 40m and 30m will get most action. Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club came 5th in the UK out of 118 Clubs and Contest Groups in the General Club Section which was a very creditable position and Congratulations go to all our members who took part each month. Shop HF and VHF Portable Antennas and Accessories for Amateur Radio/Ham  ***IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are using a Band Hopper with our 10m Compact Travel Mast, attach the antenna with a cable tie to the top of section 11 (counted  Find great deals on SOTABEAMS for Telescopic Masts - SOTAPOLES (7m and 10m). (The two unused holes visible are there to use with the lower 20mm boom mounting holes for a 25mm boom yagi I have): I used a similar arrangement for the boom support to mast fixings, the aluminium clamps and a slightly smaller aluminium plate. Find great deals on SOTABEAMS for Compact light-weight 10 m (32 ft) mast. We already published in the 9 J-pole-antenna-projects some samples of copper J-Pole antennas. I used a 23' telescoping mast from SOTABeams as the basis of my antenna: https ://www. Any damage or injuries are solely the responsibility of the ham erecting the antenna and mast. * Manufacturers Websites * Transceivers. No need for any additional guys and the two dipole elements plus the back guy are all you need for a stable and robust system. html sotabeams. I also installed the latest SDRuno software complete the receiver setup. Construction Welcome to the MFJ Transceivers page. 8 ft 13. 2020. We had some much needed rain at the QTH last night. 04082018 - VK3/VC-024 Went to Mt Beckworth for the VK1 S2S Party. Jan. I got to Cyprus a few weeks ago, but just got on the air yesterday from SOTA peak 5B/CY-002, Madari. Upon reaching the summit, KW4JM (Scott) and I setup in the generous flat portion with plenty of room for antennas. uk/carbon-6-ultra-light-6-m-19-6-…/. As living in a city makes a home station / antenna set-up difficult, I tend to build up a portable setup with the X108G Outdoor. For those preamplifiers that can’t be powered via the coax and require a separate VDC cable, the sequenced voltage The latest Tweets from sota liguria (@sota_liguria). I got my rucksack packed ready, complete with rotating guying kit and SOTAbeams SB5. How To Edit Light Beam In Photo. I placed an order to SOTA Beams back in my home country of the UK for two of their . But it was a temporary mast so I didn't apply for it. de and SOTAbeams). •All antenna and mast activities are the responsibility of the individual ham; not Lake Washington Ham Club. O “SAFARI” INVERTED V ANTENNA - G3RWF Text in italics were summarised from Mercury No. Weather in February is always going to be a challenge and this year didn't disappointon the skirts of Storm Dorris we enjoyed a fair few showers and very strong winds which made holding the 4m fishing pole mast and 2m SOTABeams Yagi a bit of a handful at times. It's a good antenna for what it is (a loaded short vertical), but I've found my favorite antenna (when trees are not an option) is simply 29 feet of wire up a Packtenna mast, with a similar wire as a counterpoise on the ground. In the distance on the left is the main mast (not cranked up in the photo). This was also a run with the new ‘Compact heavy-duty 7 m mast from SOTABeams’. Brand. Scott used a tree limb as per his usual practice while I used the SOTABeams 10m mast. GRECOM PSR-295 handheld scanner. This is post #1346 in a continuing series on Simple Ham Radio Antennas. The rig was the Elecraft KX2. Matches well almost anywhere with the built-in ATU. Having recently completed the KD1JV MTR2 CW transceiver, I have been wondering about how to use this in the field with a CW paddle. Windom off center fed. I have the SOTABeams SB6 Beam and the 6m 5ele Tonna 220505 Yagi options for my 6m portable operations and am pleased with both of them, however in terms of performance there’s not too much to pick between them. Steve WGØAT suggested I use the SOTABEAMS 30-foot mast to support the EFHW antennas. Unlike most mast suppliers, we provide detailed specifications for our masts - making it easier for you to select the best mast for your application. I typically use a KX3 for shorter activations (1-3 days), and a KX1 for longer backpacking trips. This is an insulator with excellent RF properties (very low loss). In areas where there are no trees, telescopic fibreglass masts are a popular choice. I emptied the back of the Jeep of all my radio paraphernalia when I moved Cara to college. The elevated counterpoise runs at an angle to a counterpoise stick (driveway markers from the hardware store). The most recent features the MTR-4B trail-friendly rig, combined with a SOTABeams 30 foot fiberglass mast, all of which fits easily in a day pack. So the Balun is on the Centerpiece, Now we want to connect the Balun to the Dipole Side. More information  15 Jan 2017 Here's a simple, inexpensive drive-on mast support that I have been using… poles are Jackite (http://www. During our youngest son’s midday nap I took the opportunity to pull the three coax feeders and the rotator cable through the cable duct to the mast base. So for the longest time I have been using a Sotabeams linked dipole. The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. SOTABeams 40/30/20m link dipole, I am able to tune it to 80 meters but it doesn’t work very well there. The antenna includes a balun, feeder, and guying for a 7 meter/22. The latter is much smaller and lighter when telescoped than the 10m pole. SOTAbeams - Unit 1 The Green, SK10 1JN Macclesfield - Rated 5 based on 30 Reviews "It is fair to say that I am highly impressed and pleased with the Aluminum Mast for Powerful Communication Signals. SOTABEAMS has developed a simple metric that allows an objective comparison to be made. SOTABEAMS provides state-of-the-art antennas and accessories for portable radio operating. The stowed mast is 59Cms long. SOTABeams telescopic mast support rings by kjetilv is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license. Find all the latest update on our qrp and sota projects. When you are finished it should look like on the picture. 23 Oct 2017 My SOTAbeams 10-m Travel Mast is too long (67-cm travel length) for carry-on luggage. I've carried it 5+ miles and some serious elevation. Ongelukje gehad met de mast, had er slangenklem opgezet maar dus zonder rubbertje ertussen, en daar kon het topje niet tegen, gebroken dus. Third attempt to activate Mt Beckworth this year, first failed as the KX3 battery was flat and didn’t take a spare up to the site, second was changed to Mt Bunnyioung as slept through the alarm. Back to levelling then. Making the 2013 Xmas Wish List. Europe's leading Supplier and Distributor of Communications Equipment. I called out CQ SOTA on 20M for a good 5 - 10 minutes and had no joy, I was getting a little miffed and went over to how John was getting on with his 40M operation. Thus the MSS-VTM series Vehicle Telescoping Mast Mobile Surveillance Systems enjoy endless possibilities for advanced optics like visible HD and thermal IR PTZ cameras. 5 inches, small enough to fit into my bag. Users should read the important notes at the bottom of the page before using this site. (Now a bi-weekly program) October 29, 2013. sotabeams 20/40m dipole fiberglass mast from sotabeams. 2 Jul 2019 Kenwood TH-D74 handheld (5W) VHF FM Baofeng GT-5 handheld (5W) VHF FM SOTAbeams 40/30/20 trapped dipole 10m SOTAbeams mast  SOTA Beams Travel Mast. hu. Could a weather balloon make a good antenna? uham/kite. I thought I put all of it back, but I can't find the mast holder! I looked in the shack, I looked in the shed in the backyard - I have no idea where I put it. The Tactical Mini is a new addition to the SOTABEAMS line of masts. Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. I have both and only use my SOTABeams mast now. They’re also expensive. Enter the fiberglass push-up pole or mast. Please read the rules before posting here! G/SE-001 Walbury Hill Thursday 11 June 2015 Having been off work for a week with a chesty cough I was starting to go stir crazy and felt the need to get out in the glorious sunshine. 9 lbs 0. SOTABeams WOLFWAVE–What it Is and How it Can Help You by OnAllBands × on September 19, 2019 at 12:45 pm × 0 comments Today’s Word of the Day comes courtesy of SOTABeams, creator of the breakthrough WOLFWAVE Advanced Audio Processor, now available from DX Engineering. Also on the third Winder is a 10m (33ft) back guy for your mast. Portable operation often raises the need for some kind of transportable mast as trees or other supports may not be available or convenient. This was the world’s first self-contained, battery-powered, Multi-mode Portable Transceiver, covering the HF, VF, and UHF bands. This NEW adaptor Plate & refurbished MC11219 mast clamp will fit most 120mm dia by 6 bolt mounting pattern & will accept mast from 50 ~ 80mm dia. This acts like a reserve antenna. Over the years we have been asked numerous times for a really lightweight portable 6m beam. However, as they vary widely in strength and stiffness, it can be hard to compare them. Attach coax, raise mast and away you go. The re-usable ones are used to secure the feeder to the boom and mast, two small permanent use ties are to attach the coax cable to the plastic pipe for the choke balun. That makes the SOTApole much more flexible overall. I will update the individual projects as they advance. A built in Bias-T allows the preamp voltage to be injected onto the coaxial cable. Each way that I thought of, ended up requiring some type of guying system. We’ll be here for another three years, so I would like to see how many SOTA peaks I can reach on the island. Leave the red fly lead loose for the moment. As you can see the mast nearly fits into my backpack. I was very organised during the day. That thing has taken a beating and still works great. You will need to lower it to change the band using the jumper clips. The only problem is that SOTABEAMS does not provide replacement parts so if you break a section, you are on your own. Sotabeams also ship worldwide. I would typically use a trapped EFHW for 20/30/40. So it was SOTABEAMS WSPRLite to the rescue! It's kind of like a Ronco counter top oven - "set it and forget it". the completed antenna, without the mast. We also have here in the UK ex-military push up masts available made by Clarke and Racal which can go up to over 30ft and they're still portable enough to be used for static mobile by a single person and you can stick a Hexbeam I had a class this morning that meets one Saturday a month. 9 "sotabeams" 3D Models. net which then forwards the log to LOTW and eQSL. Uniden UBC355CLT desktop scanner with Sharmans wide band base antenna. don't let travelling prevent you from enjoying your favorite hobby. I was soon joined by Laurence and Mike so we took down the mast as the weather was good. Antenna: LNR EFT-10/20/40 Trail Friendly, inverted L (sort of) configuration on SOTAbeams 10m telescopic mast + tree branch; QSOs: 20 SSB on 20m, including 1 S2S. 50. The coax is now clamped to the mast so there is no flapping about in the breeze. He had already logged 5 or 6 calls, he said he would spot me using the SOTA App. I used a 9:1 home brew unun, 17’ counterpoise and about a 10’ length of RG-58. "Adirondack Vacation 2016" is in the works, photos from the cellphone have been Bluetoothed over to the computer, and a roll of film is being developed. Small, useful, works with light wires, terrific for field ops. This is the enclosure and winder for a superlight, base loaded vertical antenna, mainly for SOTA operating. SOTABEAMS mission statement. G3CWI's Amazing Online Flea Market. TRANSCEIVERS Yaesu FT-817nd. 06 meters) and the “Ladder Lock” device was attached to the eyelet ring at the top of the mast. It is NOT an automatic fold-over, you must manually lift the element up out of the socket and lay the antenna whip down in order to enter garages, parking structures etc… * QST 2015 - 2019 ARTICLES * First Issue of QST, December 1915 September 2015 The Mast Holds Up Your Vertical Yagi SOTABEAMS Band Hopper 2, 3, Sortable KiwiSDR List with Propagation Predictions. A large car park with a large mast, there was only two cars there so I parked in the far corner and set up my gear. Even though 4m sounds far too low I have had good success with contacts around Europe and even the US. I have both a KX2 and a PAC-12. There is a sturdy circular revolving table on the top of the rotator with fixing holes, and there are a variety of mast clamps available to mount the stub mast. Unlike most mast suppliers, we provide detailed specifications for our masts - making it easier   Find great deals on SOTABEAMS for Replacement sections for Travel Mast. For a little fun, I had set up my Wellbrook loop with my SDRplay and the receiver. The mast was soon erected, topped with the 17 element Tonna and a masthead pre-amp. uk/compact-h ***Also available from DX Engineering in the USA*** SOTABEAMS Travel Mast 10m product reviews by real people like you. Shop Portable Antennas and Accessories for Amateur Radio/Ham Radio with confidence. 5 in. 2 in 22 in 26. Once past the transmitter mast, it was a very broad flat summit ridge, and rather pleasant for a late afternoon activation. I really did hope to operate on 10 meters, so after a while I moved over to the OCF which I had set up inverted V style, using my broken-but-still-useful SOTABeams push-up mast. 20mm PVC conduit was used as it was hand. Then solder the other end of the coil to the centre pin of the socket. I realize I'm going to have to compromise a bit. General Class Operator! Ham twitter account of @katkiller. You might have a good antenna but that doesn't mean much if there's something wrong with your feedline. I suppose you could scale the monument and mount an antenna to the rod, for example, the base of a SOTAbeams collapsible mast or a crappie pole, but I wasn’t sure about the etiquette of treading up the monument. Some photos: The Antenna Farm : High Gain Dual Band Antennas - VHF & UHF Mobile Radios Radio Accessories VHF & UHF Hand Held Radios Antennas Mobile Antenna Mounts SWR/Power Meters Adapters Coaxial Cable Two Way Accessories Antenna Accessories DC Power Supplies Coax Cable Accessories Amplifiers Connectors Aviation Radios Repeater Systems Towers & Accessories Scanners & Receivers Duplexers Diplexers I have been really pleased so far with my experience and even more so that I have been able to sync the new RX up to my existing FT-1000mp Mark V setup to give me a band scope and additional RX using SDRuno software and the Ominirig connection server to share the CAT data with the radio. The information is provided to the best of our knowledge and no guarantee can be given that any particular trader will be in attendance. I have removed several of the thinner end segments, so the functional height of the mast is now 26'. My portable operating equipment (for SOTA summits and Parks) includes the following…. Anyone have experience with HF antennas on short masts? I’m hoping to do a few 1 to 2-day GM activations in the New Year and want to fly rather than drive (from the London area). Fits nicely in a small daypack. We welcome all licensed radio amateurs and SWL's who have an interest, however fleeting, in WAB. I use the vertical (QRPGuys) when limited in space, or the dipole when running more than 15 watts. Jim Beam Bourbon Tour Louisville. icomuk. Went out to test Sotabeams mast, 20/40 meter dipole and generally check what's up on 20 meters. I set up a shelter against the wall in-case of bad weather first and then put up a SOTABeams tactical mini mast, 20/40 M dipole, 2M SlimJim and the Scout Flag! Connected the antennas to my FT-818 and had a listen on 20M. For a few weeks now, i’ve been trying to figure out a way to support a 20 meter Moxon antenna with a single mast. " "The mast is made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). Taking advantage of map overlaying techniques, make possible to overlap world maps with DXCC Prefix The mast holder seemed to do a decent job, even on a mildly breezy day. My SOTAbeams 10-m Travel Mast is too long (67-cm travel length) for carry-on luggage. They have some great masts, but the weight and cost weren’t quite in the range I had in mind. We also supply specially made up leads and RF connectors and undertake bespoke antenna design work , toolmaking, injection moulding for bespoke projects. It is typically mounted on a tripod and mast about eight to twelve -feet off the ground. Don't let travelling prevent you from enjoying your favorite hobby Find SOTAbeams Travel Mast TRAVELMAST and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 at DX Engineering! SOTAbeams 30 foot telescopic Travel Mast. The mast and dipole kit was bought new from Sotabeams and is only four months old but ive only ever used them twice. I picked the summit because it was the closest to my home and (according to Google Maps) reachable by bike. I didn't deploy the actual antenna, but the four sloping radials will double as guys to hold everything securely. A timber gate next to the dry stone wall makes an ideal mast support whilst the wall itself acts as a desk for the rig. My broad (and somewhat flexible) criteria are: By "portable" I mean it can be carried in a I could have done it that way as well. I have two fibreglass poles that I use for SOTA. Van de Hyendcompany een nieuwe top gekregen en rubberprofiel waarin hersluitbare tyribs passen, en dat werkt perfect tegen het plotseling inschuiven van de mast als je 'm naar beneden laat komen. 142 article My efforts are all about minimum weight since I need to get it on a plane fro my Safaris. The clamps can easily be attached to the sides of a caravan of motorhome and provide a firm support for a mast. com Free Ham Radio Classified Ads from QTH. 5 watts driving an EndFedZ EFT 10/20/40 MKII antenna, that I've had for some time permanently installed about 50 feet over our deck, was a 579 report from CF3SZ in London, Ontario Canada (450 miles) -- special call sign celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary. You'd think it would be easy to spot. The SOTAbeams pole has thus far handled everything I can throw at it. This companion will stay at Arctowski Station (WAP POL-Ø1) which is equipped with radios and antennas , not hanged yet as the mast (actually in a warehouse) is taken down during the winter time. The mast is made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) = Fiberglass. I then cut all of the recommended lengths of wire from my roll of SOTABeams Mast set up in my Hello and welcome to the website of Radio Amateur G0MGM. sotabeams hd mast The Tactical 7000hds compact heavy-duty telescopic mast For many years we have been asked by our customers for a heavy-duty telescopic mast that packs small enough for serious portable operation. Liquid electrical tape to seal the coax (from Sotabeams UK) Small tin of outdoor grade varnish Small number of cable ties, both re-usable and permanent use. I would also need a way to deploy it. G3TPW modifications complete The next job was to fit stand-offs for the cable runs to prevent the cables from flapping against the mast and making noise in the wind. Good activation with 15 S2S in the fog. If you print this Thing and display it in public proudly give attribution by printing and displaying this tag. Main portable antenna: SOTAbeams 20m/40m linked dipole with 7 meter telescopic mast, paired with the X1M QRP rig. Packable and  SOTAbeams - Unit 1 The Green, SK10 1JN Macclesfield - Rated 5 based on 30 duty 6m mast. SOTA Mast Solution Found Continue reading → This one is of the SOTABEAMS 10m (33ft) mast in place on the balcony and guyed, with Double Rainbow in the background…. Buy SotaBeams ContestConsole. Well, that's the plan. I had taken down to work on the Homebrew Buddipole early last evening but left the 40m vertical in place. Liste av produkter fra produsent: SOTABEAMS. I took down my off-center fed dipole the other day to install the LDG AT-100 ATU on the same mast. QTH. We will achieve this through specialist advice, training and products. SOTAbeams, Macclesfield. This SOTABeams travel mast has taken some real abuse! sotabeams hd mast The Tactical 7000hds compact heavy-duty telescopic mast For many years we have been asked by our customers for a heavy-duty telescopic mast that packs small enough for serious portable operation. revised some wording 1/11/2010. Founded in 1981, and located in Virginia, Buckmaster is known for their HamCall Callsign Database containing over 2. mast will need at least three guys at two heights. It was getting on towards 6pm local, so we were keen to get qualified quickly. The official Twitter account of sota liguria website. 4 ft Packed Length 23. This is wound on a third Wirewinder. can be used to tie in a tree, or slips over the end of the Spiderbeam mast. Attach the ends of the coaxial balun to the Driven Element and connect a length of 50 ohm cable to either an antenna analyser or SWR meter connected to a low level (1 watt max) 2 Metre signal source. Yaesu ft-817nd in the box, in good condition. It has been designed to be very easy to use in the field taking less than 90 QRPGuys Portable No Tune End Fed Half Wave Antenna – $20 We continue our antenna offerings with this single band, 80m-10m end fed half wave wire antenna. https://www. SOTABEAMS Discount Codes & Vouchers SOTABEAMS Promo Codes & Voucher Codes - Updated September 2019. http://kenwoodcommunications. - eHam. To get some more elevation, I supported the antenna with a 31’ Jackite mast. Here a collection of links to make you own dual band VHF UHF copper cactus antenna. Louisville, KY The strong wind inspired use of my DX-wire travel mast that had not thus far been used since obtained last year from SOTAbeams at the UK National Hamfest. The good news is that the antenna does not weigh down the top of a telescoping pole. Oak Faux Wood Beams. Back for our third EMFCamp, the EMFHams Amateur Radio village will hopefully be bringing along a big mast to talk to the world, a special event callsign, some satellite gear, an APRS digipeater/igate and a voice repeater - all of which will be available for demonstration. For horizontal polarization on portable ops, I am favoring the SOTAbeams BandHopper 40-30-20 meter link dipole. Installing PL259 coax connectors on your antenna feedline is an often a necessary and tedious task, especially when you use thicker coax such as RG-8 and RG-213. Radio amateurs who like to take their radio outdoors are always looking for better options to support antennas. €85. Amateur radio Antenna sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern inprovements in antenna design. constructed from high quality glass-reinforced plastic (fiberglass) and finished in protective gray coating, the telescoping design expands from a travel-friendly 26. uk/compact-heavy-duty-7-m-23-ft-mast/ I really like that  Buy SotaBeams ContestConsole. 19% VAT plus shipping. Give a Shout Out If you print this Thing and display it in public proudly give attribution by printing and displaying this tag. Shop Portable Antennas and Accessories for Amateur Radio/Ham Radio with  Keep your antenna in the air with our lightweight telescopic poles. sotabeams mast

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